Training New Qualified Medical Evaluators (QMEs) for Workers’ Compensation Claims

A picture of Dr. Whalen in front of a class teaching new Qualified Medical Evaluators for Workers' Compensation

Have you ever wondered how a Worker’s Compensation claim is evaluated in California? Or how someone is placed on permanent disability? It’s not just as simple as filling out a form. All claims for permanent disability in California are evaluated by individuals who have had many hours of specialized training. And Dr. Wayne Whalen is […]

November Hustle in the Chiropractic Realm

November was a whirlwind of chiropractic engagements, kicking off with the esteemed Congress of State Chiropractic Associations (COCSA) gathering in scenic Kona, Hawaii. (Tough assignment I know, but we do what we must). Amidst the picturesque setting, leaders from chiropractic state associations convened to delve into pivotal discussions shaping our profession. As a longstanding member […]