Choosing a Chiropractor

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Chiropractor

You know you need to see a chiropractor, but where do you even start? Choosing the right chiropractor can be a crucial decision for your overall well-being. With numerous chiropractic practices available, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure that you find a chiropractor who aligns with your needs

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Navigating Shoulder Woes: Chiropractic Insights on Rotator Cuff Injuries

Many individuals find themselves accustomed to enduring chronic pain, particularly in joints that may not significantly impact their daily functionality. While such pain can be bothersome and persistent, it often doesn’t rise to the level of complete debilitation. In this blog, our attention zeroes in on the intricate realm of

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About Dr Whalen

November Hustle in the Chiropractic Realm

November was a whirlwind of chiropractic engagements, kicking off with the esteemed Congress of State Chiropractic Associations (COCSA) gathering in scenic Kona, Hawaii. (Tough assignment I know, but we do what we must). Amidst the picturesque setting, leaders from chiropractic state associations convened to delve into pivotal discussions shaping our

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