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Patient Testimonial

"In 1992 at age 58, my body felt as though it was 75 years OLD.  I had never had Chiropractic care and would scoff at any suggestion that I consider it.  I had been taking antivert every hours for several years for my vertigo.  One day I “threw my back out” and could hardly walk.  After a week of this I gave in and visited Whalen Chiropractic.  Dr. Whalen examined me and asked if I had dizzy spells…Whoa!!!  He did some weird stuff to my arms, legs, and my head.  I then strutted out of his clinic completely pain free!  The last antivert pill I had taken about three and a half hours before seeing Dr. Whalen was the last one I had ever taken!!  My wife and I now go in for a “tune-up” once a month.  In October, 2011 I turned 77 years YOUNG and my body feels better and can do more than when I was 40.

I tell all my friends of my old ’52 Ford Pickup that started misfiring and sputtering something awful.  How I took it to the shop and the mechanic (MD??) did a valve job, installed new spark plugs and rebuilt the carburetor.  It helped very little and put a huge dent in my wallet.  A few weeks later I chugged out to the country to visit an old friend who was a farmer (Chiropractor??).  He shook his head and stated that the truck sounds like his old tractor used to sound.  He popped the hood and noted the spark plug wires laying across each other, causing them to arc out.  As he was untangling the wires he said, “Nick, they’ve been treating the symptoms, but we have just eliminated the problem.”  As I drove my old pickup home, she purred like a happy kitten…and after my visits with Dr. Whalen, so do I!!!"

Nick and Carol Nichols